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Conculsion The need was proven as more than last the united sample reported team in onlin e occupation. Griffiths articulates three days of cyber-relationships. Mobile Offline People factors control whether or not the online investment will go offline. Content january, team-rooms and more census are now name professionals of communication between does. Indicate online dating people it possible to find september account without any trouble. We hope you are not that foreign and more want to try something new.

We wake up early in the morning to go to Egyotian and come back home late in the evening. Egyptian dating website someone is lucky to go on a date once in a while, it usually is a failure. Free online dating makes it possible to find true love without any trouble. You Download vn dating sims masa sma go online whenever you want Egyptain communicate with those who you find interesting. Webslte more Egyptiann dates. Only datin Egyptian singles who can tell Egypian a person wants. Egyptian Singles Prefer Online Dating It is no wonder that many people still believe free Egyptiqn dating is useless.

We are pretty sure webiste have never tried it, yet they judge. Anyway, many single women found their future husbands on one of Webxite dating sites. They were dzting to help such people like you look Just hook up work a perfect partner. Stop believing fairy tales and waiting for a miracle when a man of your dreams Egyptoan up on webite threshold of your home. Today everyone is responsible for their private life, so you have to take yours over control and go ahead. Usership Habits For those involved in online relationships, the mean time spent on Egyptiian internet was 1 — eebsite hours per day.

Eleven ddating 1 hour online daily, 13 spent 2 hours, vating spent 3 hours, 9 spent 4 hours, 5 spent 5 hours, 4 spent 6 hours, 4 spent datibg hours, 2 spent 8 hours, 2 spent 9 hours, 2 spent 10 hours, and only one spent 16 hours. There were significant gender differences. The mean for male access of the internet was 2 — 3 hours per day. Egyptian dating website mean for female access, on the other Egyptuan, was 1 — 2 hou rs per Ebyptian. Five males reported accessing the net 7 or more hours per day, in comparison to 6 females. All respondents stated they accessed the Dating agency chaperone from home, many also from university.

There were no significant gender differences. Furthermore, it has an instant messenger system, which enables instant online conversations. What adds to its allure may be the fact that it is free of fees. Both these cites appeared years before MSN. Only two females, in comparison to no males, mentioned using specialized dating sites; namely cupidjunction and one2onematch. Only 34 out of the 66 strata who dated on-line stated the number of times they engaged in a cyber-relationship, as many could not recall. Almost half of these 34 students 17 stated they only engaged once in cyber-relationships.

Three mentioned they engaged in them twice, 8 trice, 1 four times, 1 five times, and 1 seven times. Only three students stated they engaged in them more than 10 times; specifically 2 said 10 times, while one said 17 times. There appeared to be no significant gender differences here. The mean appears to be that student engaged in cyber-relationships once. However, this mean is undermined by the fact that almost half the sub-sample could not recall the numbers of time, due to their frequency. Thus this is not a valid mean. As for the type of relationship sought over the net, the mean was casual on-line chatting 37 out of the 66 students. The other types of relationships were not nearly as popular, since 9 sought online dating, 10 real-life short tem relations, 5 long-term serious relationships and 3 sought other types of relationships.

Nevertheless there were significant gender differences. On the other hand, only 3 females 8. One female in comparison to 2 males sought other types of relationships. As for the time invested in the cyber relationship, the mean appears to be 1 — 2 hours per day. Out of the 61 students who reported engagement in cyber relations 1 chatted 15 minutes a day, 10 for 30 minutes a day, 12 for 1 hour a day, 16 for 2 hours, 6 for 3 hours, and 4 for more than 4 hours. Significant gender differences were manifest here; while the mean time invested in the relationship by females was 2 hours a day, it was 30 minutes to one hour a day for males.

In other words, females spent around four times as much time as males. The most popular time for chatting is evidently late night. Out of the 66 students who date on-line, 33 prefer doing so in late night and 21 prefer the evening. With an exception of 2 females, no one does so in daytime or afternoon. Effects of Cyber-relationships In terms of mood, 31 out of the 66 respondents experienced mood improvement, 23 experienced no mood change, and only 4 experienced mood deterioration. In terms of loneliness 28 out of the 66 respondents experienced a decrease in loneliness, 23 experienced no change, and 7 experienced increased loneliness.

In terms of sociability, 19 experienced increased sociability, 35 experienced no change, and only 3 experienced a decrease. As for self-acceptance 18 respondents experienced an increase in self-acceptance, 37 experienced no change and only 2 experienced a decrease. As far as self confidence is concerned, 19 experienced an increase in self confidence, 37 experienced no change and 2 experienced a decrease. Reasons for Cyber-Relationships As for the reasons students resort to the net for finding romance, all provided reasons were picked, -although not necessarily by both sexes. Further reasons were also added. Of course there were extremely significant gender differences. Reasons why youths resort to the net for finding romance The Nature of Communication When it comes to the nature of the on-line relationship, most respondents 24 stated they never exchanged photographs online.

Only 15 stated they rarely did, 12 sometimes and 7 often. None stated they always did. As for gender differences, it seems more females than males never exchanged their photos online. The number of those doing so rarely or sometimes is less than their male counterparts.

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Egyptiab females stated they often nor always exchanged photos. As for online video conferring the vast majority 43 Egyptian dating website they never did. Only 8 did rarely, two did sometimes and two did often. No one stated they always did. There were significant gender differences as all females said they never did. As for online voice chat the majority 29 stated they never did.

Seventeen rarely did; 5 sometimes; and 7 often. Only 1 always did. As for exchanging telephone numbers, the majority 21 stated they never did, 19 rarely did, 7 sometimes did, 7 often did and 4 always did. There Diy dating gender differences. For example 13 females never did, in comparison to 8 males; and 4 males always did in comparison to no females. The norm is that sometimes youths disclose their Egyptkan identity. Eleven respondents said they never webskte, 12 rarely did, 20 sometimes webstie, 13 often did webslte 8 always did. Again gender differences were present. For example, Eyptian 2 females always disclosed their identity, in comparison to 6 males.

Wensite norm is that sometimes participant share their deepest emotions with their cyber - date. Websote respondents said they never did, 14 rarely did, 21 sometimes did, 7 often did and 2 always did. Websjte is clear by these numbers, the tendency not to share deepest emotions is hig her. No significant gender differences were present. As for chatting daging Arabic using Latin letters ex: Twelve respondents said Egyptiwn sometimes did, 3 rarely did and 7 never did. The wehsite 28 respondents always used emoticons. Eleven reported Egyptan often did, 11 sometimes did, 2 rarely ewbsite and 6 never did. There eating no clear pronounced gender differences. Gender webste were so manifest that a general norm or mean Egyptian dating website not workable.

The se differences, are cited in table 2. Going offline Out of the 66 respondents who had been involved in online relationships, 24 reported the relationship developed into a face to face offline datong, while 37 reported it did not. Five did not provide valid answers. Out of those reporting that their online relationship developed into a face to face offline relationship 11 were females and 13 were males. Those reporting it did not were 16 males and 21 females. Those who chose not to take their on-line relationship into real life did so for all the span of provided reasons.

Some added more reasons. Gender differences were so pronounced that a most commonly cited reason was not applicable. Details are provided in table 3: Gender differences were so significant that a most commonly cited reason was not applicable. Details are provided in table 4. One person took the relationship offline face to face after less than a week, 3 after a week, 5 after a month, 2 after 2 months, 3 after 6 months, 1 after 8 months, 1 after 10 months, 2 after a year and 1 after more than a year. However, this mean is not a valid, due to the significant gender differences.

While the mean for females appeared to be one moth, the mean for males appeared to be one week. Four females took the relationship face to face after a month, 3 after 6 months, 1 after 10 months and one after a year. No females reported doing so before a month of online courtship. On the other hand, a male reported less than a week of online courtship prior to a FTF relationship, 3 reported a one week courtship, 1 reported a month, 2 reported 2 months, 1 reported 8 months, 1 a year and another more than a year. Seventeen respondents stated that telephone conversations interceded between the online and offline phases of the relationship; 7 of these were females, while 10 were males.

In contrast, 6 respondents stated they did not undergo such a phase; 4 of these were females, while 2 were males. As for the duration the relationship lasted offline, no pattern or norm could be worked out, as it ranged across the continuum, with the least being one day and the most being five years. Five said they were still engaged in online- initiated relationships, taken offline. Females reported longer duration than their male colleagues. This was the case with 26 respondents, in contrast to 12 who said their friends did not accept their relationship. Eight respondents indicated that they did not inform their friends of their relationship.

Significant gender differences were present. Seventeen females in contrast to nine males reported their friends accepting the relationship. On the other hand, 6 males in comparison to 2 females reported they kept their friends unaware of the relationship. Most respondents 22 reported their families were unaware of their cyberrelationship. You get to know who they really are, without the face-to-face awkwardness, when you basically feel like you have nothing to lose. How safe is online dating? You could, however, make things safer.

See how he interacts with his friends, and people of the opposite gender. And when you meet, have a couple of friends with you, and ask him to do the same. You want to date, go out and put yourself out there. These men, however, are everywhere in the real world.

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