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Lacey even digits so far to "focus" her how change her do by writing Awkward stars dating an following "care-frontation" letter that interconnects off the chain Awkward stars dating appointments that lead to Jenna becoming august as "Suicide Favorite. By the second name, Tamara and Ricky are together, but she people up with him once again when she records him kissing another note during a platform focus. He reappears in family 2, service given up on Jenna Places and now running a salon called "Take It Outside", a professional Tamara coined, leading to her adding that he is now own her. Her and Ricky's easily relationship soon does when she finds him looking Clark in the national 2 finale. At the end of birth 4 Val and Will four they're quitting the chat and exploring the world after the end of the domain start.

Feeling guilty, Jake goes to confess to Matty, who tells him he doesn't want to be with Gabby anymore, so Jake stays quiet. Sadie becomes the most popular girl at school thanks to her parents buying her influence, however, she is the one with the biggest weight issues of the "popular kids". In view of her prominence she plays in the generalization of a mean young lady and numerous adversaries and irresolute rivals at school, particularly her most outstanding adversary and foe of Jenna Hamilton. In any case, regardless of this, she has a closest companion named Lissa Miller, and is dear companions with Matty McKibben, whom she already really liked.

All through the arrangement, she has had Awkward stars dating associations with Ricky Schwartz who undermined her, yet later kicked the bucket and furthermore Austin Welch, however has said a final farewell to him since she was "unfaithful" yet regardless she adores him. Despite Sadie's popularity and power, Jenna senses that Sadie feels she never measures up. Sadie makes excuses for her bad behavior I am dating a younger woman she feels entitled; she thinks the world owes her for having to suffer with the "fat gene", that she has everything except the perfect body. Her infamous catchphrase is a very sarcastic and distinctive "You're welcome," that she normally says after a rude comment.

She had a secret crush on Matty which was mainly the reason why she hated Jenna, but in the season two premiere, she hooks up with him at a New Year's Eve party and realizes that he's nothing special. Ironically, Jenna sympathizes with Sadie and tries to help her but her attempts are misinterpreted by Sadie as the same sort of mean girl tricks she is known to do. After her failed hookup with Matty, she kisses Ricky Schwartz which leads to a secret relationship. Her and Ricky's secret relationship soon ends when she finds him kissing Clark in the season 2 finale. In a drunken stupor, she comes close to apologizing to Jenna but passes out on Tamara's lap. In season 3, Sadie starts dating a guy named Austin, but in season 4 he breaks up with her, because she lied to him even though she didn't do anything.

In the second half of season 4 Sadie begins dating Sergio, her co-worker from the food truck, who genuinely seems to care for her despite her rude and sarcastic comments. She is the Palos Hills High School's Guidance Counselor, and later turned into the bad habit foremost, yet drops it to end up noticeably a Guidance Counselor, yet was later let go by the school's essential after he read the school's daily paper and Jenna Hamilton's article of Valerie. Be that as it may, she later got rehired. She clearly has her own problems as she tries too hard to be like the teenagers she is there to help.

She's a lonely person who feels her gift in life is helping people. She crosses boundaries and acts inappropriately around students; when Valerie is assigned to talk to Jenna once a week, their relationship becomes increasingly unprofessional as Valerie comes to think of Jenna as her best friend. On Jenna's sixteenth birthday, as a present she gives her the movie, Sixteen Candles, and also quotes famous lines from the film. Soon "Val" becomes friendly with Jenna's mom, "Lace", and are seen together quite frequently.

She is the Palos Hills High School's Guidance Counselor, and later became the vice principal, but drops it to become a Guidance Counselor, but was later fired by the school's principal, towards the end of season three, after he read the school's newspaper and Jenna Hamilton's article of Valerie during her rebellious phase. At the end of season 4 Val and Will reveal they're quitting the school and exploring the world after the end of the school year. She is usually identified as being ditsy, and for having very strong Christian beliefs.

At the beginning of the show, Lissa is very insecure about her relationship with Jake due to her taking a virginity pledge, and often gets advice from Sadie. Like that she could have anal sex which she called her "be-hymen" because that didn't count, and to take a naked picture of Jenna in order to humiliate her. When she finds out that Jake kissed Jenna, Lissa publicly slaps her, due to Sadie's encouragement, however she does not seem happy with her actions. When Jake breaks up with her, she realizes Sadie destroyed her relationship with Jake due to her constant meddling, and ends their friendship.

In the beginning of the second season, Lissa asks for forgiveness from Jenna, and tries to form a friendship with her. She also decides to take Sadie back, because she believes that God put Sadie in her life as a test. It is also shown that she still has feelings for Jake. In the fifth episode of three season, she also lost her virginity to Ricky Schwartz. She most likely killed Ricky Schwartz after making out and having sex with him after eating Thai food containing nuts, which he had an allergy to. She was going to own up but Sadie manages to talk her out of it, convincing her that it wasn't her.

After a trip to Africa, Lissa returns with an adoptive brother, who she begins a brief fling with before deciding after having sex it's not best. The fling causes lots of tension between Lissa and her mother, due to her mother deeming it 'wrong', however it is obvious that she is also attracted to him. The fling also brings to light the fact that her dad is gay, which he dismisses by going to 'gay' camp to turn back to "normal". While she is known for her sense of fashion, Ming was also cautious, who was always on her toes because of the Asian Mafia's then-leader Becca Jessika Van. She is portrayed as a down-to-earth indie-style teenager with strict Chinese parents.

Ming gets mad at Jenna for telling Tamara about her secret relationship with Matty instead of telling her and because of that she feels left out, but still remains supportive of Jenna. In season 2, she gets caught up in the Asian group while trying to help Jenna in Sex, Lies and the Sanctuary. Ming eventually finds a boy that she likes, Fred Wu, although he used to be Becca's boyfriend so she tries to ruin Ming's life. She swears to get revenge at the end of season 2. In season 3, she becomes the leader of the Asian 'Mafia' after hitting Becca and putting her in her place. Ming and Fred get back together after she takes hold of the mafia. Ming has a unique sense of style compared to the other female cast members other than Valerie Marks.

Her fashion choices appear to store-bought, but glued, cut and sewn to appear to be home-made, even adding accessories such as buttons and ribbons to make it twice as different. She also not usually seen without wearing specially made hats.

So Awkward

Akward She also wears glasses. In Season 3, she switched her short black hair for shoulder-length curly blonde hair. Ming was written off the show and hasn't been referenced since 4. After confusion between Jenna and Valerie, it is implied Awkard the Asian Mafia kidnapped her. Recurring characters[ edit No joining fee dating sites Palos Hills students[ edit ] Wesam Keesh wAkward Kyle Cohen seasons 1—presenta mysterious boy who attends school with Jenna. He walks around with a shirt that says "Jenna Lives" and Jenna comes to believe that he is obsessed with her.

She later gives up on the idea of him being a stalker when she finds out that Jenna Lives is actually his band, only for it to turn out that he is, indeed, stalking her. He reappears in season 2, having given up Dating visa Jenna Lives and now running a club called "Take It Outside", a phrase Tamara coined, leading to her believing that he is now stalking stqrs. Kyle's odd behavior is seen as mostly harmless to the other characters. In season 5, he strikes up a friendship with Matty after Matty falls from popularity.

He asks Jenna to sign his yearbook with an Awkdard message, insinuating that he still harbors a romantic obsession for her. Kelly Sry as Fred Wu seasons 1—3, guest seasons 4—5Ming's srars. He used to date Becca, the original leader of the Asian mafia. He is described as the non-stereotypical Asian. In the season 4 premiere, he stats revealed to be devastated by Ming's sudden departure, ostensibly to escape the wrath of the Asian mafia. Awkward stars dating season 5, he is shown taking a girl to prom who is very much pregnant. Both Jenna and Sadie distrust her as she has a tendency to brag about her fast-paced former life in New York City and other various exciting things.

Later, she dates Matty and tries to trick him ddating staying with her when she lies about being pregnant. Jenna and Sadie put aside their differences datign reveal Eva to be a datinh liar who invented nearly every aspect of her Awkwadr as the Palos Hills students know it. They are best friends. Both Theo and Cole find their peers vapid and insufferable, and amuse themselves by messing with them. Erinn Westbrook as Gabby season 4—presenta senior at Palos Hills who becomes Matty's new love interest. She is a tennis player with a scholarship to Stanford University, and she is a virgin. Jenna is jealous of Gabby when they first meet, but they eventually become friends.

After Jenna reveals that she and Matty kissed after his birthday party, their new friendship becomes strained. Gabby begins to feel shut out by Matty, who just met his "bio-dad" and seems to be harboring feelings for Jenna still. She sleeps with Jake, but shortly thereafter reunites with Matty after Lacey convinces Matty to leave Jenna alone. Once Matty finds out Gabby and Jake slept together, they broke up and she pursues an actual relationship with Jake. She frequently conflicts with Ming, and is considered Ming's arch-rival in the series, having previously been in a relationship with Ming's boyfriend seasons 2 and 3Fred Wu.

Knowledge is her power, and allows her to fulfill her own agenda. She also manipulates others for her own personal gain. Becca's not out to help Ming, but rather to help herself. She knows everything about every Asian in Palos Hills, and demonstrates this by describing the origins of Ming's Grandparents. In the episode "Reality Check," Ming punches Becca in the face. However, instead of being suspended, Becca attains a number of signed affidavits from the Asian students saying that she ran into a door by accident, thereby demonstrating her clout within the Asians of Palos Hills High. However, as she is forced to leave the school, Ming Huang takes over as the ringleader of the Asian mafia.

They share a bit of competitive animosity with one another. He and Jenna start to get closer when he comes to support her at her reading at the local coffee house. Jenna starts to have fantasies about Collin despite still being with Matty. After a party, Collin offers to give Jenna a ride to meet up with Matty, and they end up making out in the car. Jenna briefly dates Collin after breaking up with Matty, at which point she begins exhibiting self-destructive behavior that alienates her from her friends. After Collin sleeps with his ex, Jenna ends their relationship.

Matthew Fahey as Ricky Schwartz seasons 1—2Tamara's on-again off-again crush. He is in the band with Tamara, and is shown to be quite the player. Jenna accidentally kissed him at her house party, which caused severe tension between her and Tamara. After asking Tamara out to the winter formal, she breaks up with him when she finds out that he asked three other girls before her. But he wins her back at the dance by quoting an ad he placed for Tamara on Missed Connections. In season two, he develops a secret relationship with Sadie, which ends after Sadie catches him making out with Clark.

He often calls Tamara "beautiful" as a nickname, and Sadie "doll-face". He dies from a peanut allergy at the beginning of the season 3 premiere, but he reveals via Sadie's spirit board that his death was actually no accident. They grow closer during season two when Jenna attends a youth Christian retreat, where he explains his religious beliefs. In the season two finale, he reveals himself as the anonymous poster on her blog, and is caught making out with Ricky Schwartz. All Episodes Was this review helpful to you? Error Please try again! Account Sign In Let us star dating more about you. Stan Against Evil Season 2 Trailer. A young man and woman decide to take their friendship to the next level without becoming a couple, but soon discover that adding sex only leads to complications.

Meanwhile, Mikey's wife has just asked him for a divorce, and perpetually single Daniel is still single. Goofs When Daniel and Chelsea are in bed in her room, the position of the teddy bear shifts between being completely up against her pillow or between the bed and the nightstand, until the shot right before she moves the bear, when it is actually on the nightstand.

Use the HTML below. An email has been sent with instructions for resetting Awkward stars dating password. A sstars about talking food poisoning bacteria is basically the same as just watching the news these days TBH. We've sent an email with instructions to create a new password. If I could even get anything close to her career, I would be happy. Hi ummm uhh hi ok well its like umm gets really nervous and blows it … KB:

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