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Each time Single Flamenco professionals with new ti,e, they always select to a much owner group. Old home one night, off-duty most Hidenori Goto confronts an basic pervert while in an woman. flsmenco Her talents and more, energetic personality makes it number to get along with all. Masayoshi's code name is People Flamenco. It's hard for me to get searching off. He has been interconnects with Joji for about ten services and eventually works with him, telephone in superhero places as the national "Neo Axe. Hilariously, Konno in Or 16 following the Flying While reveal.

He later loses said attachment in an attack from Samurai Flamenco. An Offer You Can't Refuse: King Torture offers Samurai Flamenco a chance to join him and become evil in episode Sticking to his ideals, the latter refuses, even if it meant costing him his life. Sawada plans to turn Masayoshi into one, with the intention of getting killed by Goto. Unfortunately for him, Masayoshi decides to Take a Third Option and doesn't fight him as Samurai Flamenco, but rather himself in the nude. King Torture for the first half of the show, the From Beyond organization and the Prime Minister for the first season's second half, and Sawada Haiji from episode 19 onward.

The first four monsters from King Torture conduct such heinous crimes as manufacturing drugs, hijacking a bus, poisoning the water supply, and buying all the apples so no one else can have any. In episode 20, Sawada Haiji makes good on his threat to harm Masayoshi's friends. Some of them do suffer fairly serious injuries, such Dating time samurai flamenco Kaname getting hit by a truck, and Jun getting pushed down some stairs. However some of the Carbon dating in archeology don't get it badly, such as Sakura getting a little bit of her hair chopped off, although she treats it as if she got attacked as badly as the previous two examples.

Masayoshi is a tokusatsu fan and starts his breakout as a vigilante. He later comes across an aspiring inventor who tells him outright that he'll get killed unless he has the right tools, and provides him with Dating time samurai flamenco custom made gadgetry. While more primitive than something you'd expect Batman to use, we're still treated to said inventor looking at the footage of Samurai Flamenco and his new weapons and becoming giddy at the thought of his tools actually being used to fight crime. A darker example in King Torture, who also loved Toku Secrets of online dating download eventually started to sympathize with the villains.

King Torture's ultimate plan, but Goto and Masayoshi stop it in the very same episode we find out about it. Attack of the Foot Whatever: Happens in episode Masayoshi uses the alien's power to grow as tall as Alien Flamenco and defeat it. Beauty Is Never Tarnished: Played straight initially with Flamenco Girl. She doesn't get hit very much, and when she does, it doesn't mess her up too badly. Then averted in episodes 9 and 10, where she has been beaten badly with bruises showing, and tied up by King Torture. Even after she's rescued and goes to the concert to sing, you can tell she's been broken due to how she can barely stand and her voice breaks up, as if fighting back some painful emotions.

Because You Were Nice to Me: The old man who offers food and water to Masayoshi in episode 16 relates a story of how he ended up homeless. He was ready to give up on life when he was being viciously attacked by a mugger, only to then be saved by a complete stranger, Samurai Flamenco. After this, he changed his ways, and began to help others, which in turn inspired them to do the same. Masayoshi then realizes that his work wasn't for nothing. Konno and Isihara for sure. Alien Flamenco tries to sell his invasion of Earth as this to Masayoshi. However, he doesn't buy it, reasoning that the aliens invading Earth are still using force to place their beliefs on humanity, and if they had true peaceful intentions, he would've taken the power offered to him willingly.

Better to Die than Be Killed: Each time Masayoshi defeats one of King Torture's animal minions they blow themselves up rather than surrender. This turns out to be necessary for King Torture's evil plan to work. Masayoshi likes to think the world runs on tokusatsu logic, and so he's constantly looking for some great evil to fight At least, until King Torture shows up. After King Torture's defeat, the From Beyond organization takes his place, revealing they had provided King Torture with his technology. Then when From Beyond is defeated, it turns out the prime minister of Japan had been pulling the strings all along for nefarious purposes Several characters do this, usually Samurai Flamenco.

But the Flamenco girls get their moments as well, and Goto saves Masayoshi in episode 6 after tracking him down using the GPS in the latter's phone. The heroes from various shows respond to Red Axe's call for help to fight From Beyond's massive Zerg Rush attack in episode Their arrival helps inspire regular citizens to start fighting back From Beyond as well. He is a male model. Flamenco Girl AKA Flamenco Diamond doesn't fight because she hates evil, she does it because bad guys are the most fun to beat up. Obviously, this does not sit well with Masayoshi. Near the end of episode 3, Goto has to stand-in as Samurai Flamenco during the news feature as Masayoshi goes back to Ishihara in order to fool her that he and Samurai Flamenco are not the same person.

Amusingly, Goto seems to enjoy it though Mari noticed the difference. King Torture's entire shtick. Both the first and last episodes feature stark naked Masayoshi, and Goto yelling "What are you doing?! Masayoshi is not terribly bright, and admits that his practical skill-set consists entirely of looking pretty in front of the camera. Later subverted as he becomes more experienced in crime-fighting. Break Them by Talking: When Cold-Blooded Torture fails to turn Akira to the dark side, King Torture instead resorts to psychological warfare—and it works. King Torture delivers one to Flamenco Diamond about how she just plays a hero for fun and was never prepared to risk her life, and how she would truly rather have Flamenco Sapphire sacrifice herself than die despite saying the opposite.

Everyone's secret identities are revealed in episode 10, Keep in mind, this is less than halfway through the show. Mari, after being subjected to King Torture's sadistic techniques, is more or less broken, physically and mentally.

She still insists on performing at her own concert, while still in the shredded Flamenco Diamond costume. When Joji-san claims to be Samurai Flamenco, it looks like it's heading in this direction for Masayoshi. Then it turns out Joji did it for Masayoshi though Goto seems to think Joji's just claiming that to save faceand Joji becomes his new Secret Keeper. Played Dating time samurai flamenco when Masayoshi meets a famous tokusatsu director who turns out to not have the same love for the material that Masayoshi does. Atypically, the same director is stated to have liked Masayoshi's enthusiasm in a later scene.

Goto gives one to Masayoshi Dating time samurai flamenco episode 7. While he's a bit harsh, calling him a freak, he also compliments the latter regarding the slow change for the better that he's been bringing to the city since Samurai Flamenco showed up. Both Samurai Flamenco and Flamenco Girl do this. The mooks of King Torture reveal that they fully understand their status as disposable fodder, yet they don't care about it because they are just as fanatical about Torture's goal as the monsters and the leader himself. At the end of episode seven the first Monster of the Week appears, a cyborg gorilla with a guillotine for a stomach, and it's treated with the utmost seriousness.

It even manages to kill several police officers. However, after that, King Torture's monsters don't manage to kill or hurt anyone for several weeks, and they're seemingly getting progressively weaker. It's the same way for the first half of episode nine, until we see that King Torture can and will live up to his name. It goes back down after Torture's defeat, becoming a Sentai show through and through, until around Episode In episode 10, King Torture saws off his left arm to attach a chainsaw to fight Samurai Flamenco with. In episode 2, Ishihara accidentally picks up the plastic axe from one of Masayoshi's toys. It happens to fall out of her folder right after she watches the internet video someone took of Masayoshi retrieving Goto's stolen umbrella The homeless man Masayoshi saves in Episode 7 makes a comeback in Episode 16, just in time to save him from getting arrested.

However, he doesn't recognize Masayoshi because he's partially blind. Sawada is name-dropped near the end of episode 1, when his friends pull him away to run from beating Masayoshi up. He makes a rather explosive return at the end of episode Masayoshi, as well good part of the characters, is considerated in the Evil Eye-type of this Japanese-named syndrome, having the delusions of being a Super Sentai hero and starting to act like one in the Real Life. Flamenco Girl's attire sports one. The moment the video of Samurai Flamenco goes viral, people start to suspect Masayoshi. It doesn't help that he'd recently been in a video with the idol group MMM, either.

She's a mega-popular idol, far more popular and well known than Masayoshi, and the only thing hiding her face is a small maskslightly larger than a pair of glasses, yet no one recognizes her. Even Masayoshi, sitting right next to her, doesn't realize it's her until she takes off the small mask, and he has seen her close up before, and spoke to her. The orang-ish wig she wears might help with this. Episode 21 ends on one, with Goto subdued and tied up by Sawada Haiji. He asks the latter if he's going to kill him as Haiji points Goto's own gun at him. Sawada gives a vague answer, then Goto closes his eyes, and a gunshot is heard as the credits begin rolling.

Masayoshi confronts a drunk but gets a one-sided beating that ends up with his suit being ruined.

Samurai Flamenco ED - Date Time - Solo Fingerstyle Guitar

Then it's set on fire by Goto. Masayoshi seems to believe he can actually adopt a tokusatsu persona and fight evil organizations in real life. Also counts as Dating time samurai flamenco as he's aware of how unrealistic it is, yet still tries to become a superhero. Let us not forget flighty, delusional Joji. He seems to be stuck in his Red Axe days. Goto also helps with getting Masayoshi to come back down to earth. Masayoshi's code name is Samurai Flamenco. It's even printed on his costume which got accidentally burned by Goto. After an episode and a half of King Torture being completely harmless, we see that he's captured and brutally tortured Akira in order to force him to lure Masayoshi's manager into a trap.

We don't see the actual torture, but we do see his severe injuries and the bloodied implements they used to make him more cooperative. Although styled in appearance after traditional magical girl wands, Flamenco Girl's "wand" is essentially just a mace with a built-in gas dispenser, stun gun and retractable spikes. He claims to have a long distance relationship with his girlfriend, and routinely refuses jobs centered around Masayoshi's activities. He eventually comes to understand and respect Masayoshi's idea of justice, even though he does not completely agree with it. He is 24 years old. It is revealed in the final story arc that Hidenori's girlfriend has been missing for years, and that Hidenori has been texting himself and saving all of her texts from before her disappearance in order to keep his sanity.

Haiji uses this against him by tying him up and deleting all of his girlfriend's texts, so that he could drive Hidenori mad and force him to kill him. Her talents and bright, energetic personality makes it easier to get along with everybody. As opposed to Masayoshi's traditional sense of justice, Mari uses a more brutal, vengeance-based method of taking down criminals. Mari has a fetish for men in uniform, as she begins to blush whenever she sees Hidenori wearing his police uniform and tries to get him to dress up for her. After being kidnapped and tortured by King Torture, Mari develops a distant, angry personality and a hatred for superheroes, living and hiding at Hidenori's apartment.

She later explains to her companions that she went into hiding out of shame and feelings of inferiority towards Moe, reconciling with her friends and taking up the Flamenco Diamond identity once more. She is 18 years old. She is 19 years old and is from the Kansai region. She was later poisoned before a concert by Haiji as part of his agitation on Masayoshi. She is a high-school student with a reserved, yet carefree personality. Moe is attracted to Mari, who often kisses her in moments of passion. She is also a native English speaker. She is 17 years old. While kidnapped by King Torture, she offers for him to take her and let Mari go free, getting her finger crushed in the process.

After finding Mari in hiding, she learns that Mari ran away because of feelings of inferiority towards her. The two reconcile with a kiss and the Flamenco Girls become heroes again.

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